BH Fitness Unlimited Toning Machine – 8 lbs.

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If you are one of those who seeks new challenges on training exercises involving greater effort and intensity, and you’d rather perform them at home but do not have much time, we present the Toning machine Unlimited 8lbs!

It is ideal tool thanks to its ergonomic and versatile design, which not only allows you to perform more than 100 exercises for toning muscles; also requires a greater effort to tone quickly the chest, legs, arms and abs.

You can supplement your Unlimited 8 lbs. with HIIT by BH workout in order to get the most out of the machine and get in just 24 minutes of daily workout, significant weight loss and fat while you are toning up and gaining muscle mass in just 10 weeks.


Unlimited 8 lbs.



Allows for multiple toning exercises in a single machine

No more excuses

Within 10 weeks, 12 minutes per day and 3 days per week, you will achieve the results you expect.

Video-exercises available explained step by step

Discover more information about workouts in:

The grips are rubberized to provide greater comfort and better grip during training

It incorporates a resistance by friction with manual intensity adjustment for different demanding levels training

Available in 2 different versions, depending on desired functionality (8 lbs. and 4 lbs.)

Equipment very manageable, comfortable and easy to store

5 complete workout plans by levels available

Are you sure about your workout level? If not, click here and start your HIIT training now!

Discover a new workout concept!

"24minbybh" is a high interval training that includes 12 minutos of cardio exercise and other 12 minutesa of toning exercises.

You will not only increase your aerobic capacity, also you will lose weight, decrease your body fat, increase your muscle mass or improve your marks


Length: 38 cm / 15”

Width: 18 cm / 7”

Height: 5 cm / 2”

Weight: 3,6 kg / 7 lbs

Lieferzeit: 3-6 Werktage


0% Finanzierung | jetzt informieren

inkl. 19% MwSt. 199,00 €

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